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Best Track Saws 2022 – Top The List

Have a DIY project idea? Start with these track saws to get it done.
Have a DIY project idea? Start with these track saws to get it done.

Want to maintain your workshop and look for the ideal tool? You are at the right place.

Selecting the right tool makes your work smoother and offers outstanding outcomes. Now you must be confused about what tool will suit your need the most. A track saw is the only answer. It is usually the best tool that most carpenters prefer.

This triggers your mind: which track saw suits your needs. To reduce the search work for you, we have suggested some best track saw below. You can observe their features, pros, and cons, and decide best of them. 

The purpose of this post is to offer the best buying guide and ease in choosing the best among them. So must go through the entire post properly. 

Top Rated Best Track Saw Reviews

1. Makita SP6000J1 Plunge Track Saw

Are you short of budget but want to buy an excellent track saw for your workshop? Makita track saw is the tool that you exactly need. This plunge track saw is a top-rated model in the market. It ensures fine and smooth cutting, which feels like a plane surface. It comes with a guide rail system, which is made up of anodized aluminum Makita SP6000J1 track saw is a durable tool.

It consists of a robust 12 amp motor and wide cutting strength. To make it handy, the manufacturer makes it using magnesium parts. The use of magnesium makes it feel like a feather. In other words, it does not put pressure on your hand.

No matter whether you have a large workshop or a small one, this is a tool that perfectly suits all of them. Along with this, you can choose from the different speed limit track saws. It normally ranges between 2000 and 5200 revolutions per minute(RPM)

So before buying this tool, one should consider the speed limit that can fulfill one’s purpose.  Its advanced electronic speed control supports even cutting by maintaining the right speed. So, here are its unique features, advantages, and disadvantages. 

Unique Features Of Makita SP6000J1 Plunge Track Saw

  • It comes with 6.5 inches of blade length.
  • It includes a robust 12 amp motor. 
  • This track saw can make a minimum of 2000 and a maximum of 5200 revolutions per minute.
  • It comes with a 55 inches powerful guide rail. 


  • It offers excellent and smooth finishing.
  • It can cover a large area.
  • It is easy to move from one place to another.
  • Different speed control settings make it a gem.
  • This is the best tool to trim long wood.


  • It may turn into tragedy if used in a wet workspace.

2. SHOP FOX W1835 Track Saw

This tool gained outstanding track saw reviews, which compelled us to include it in our top-rated tools list. It is a very lightweight tool and comes with a portable design with a dimension of 10.63 x 13.38 x 9.5 inches. This electric run track saw includes a robust motor that helps in increasing its speed immediately. It comes with a 120V power back up and creates up to 5500 revolutions per minute. Talking about its rim speed, it can up to approx 9000 feet per minute.

So, this is one of the excellent tools if you do not need to perform the heavy-duty. It comes with a blade size of 160mm and an arbor size of 20mm.

It is an exceptional track saw which helps in the seamless completion of your task and avoids dust in the workspace. It consists of a 1.5-inch dust collection system that further improves its excellence. So you can use it without thinking twice.

Unique Features of SHOP FOX W1835 Track Saw

  • It comes with 10.63, 13.38, and 9.5 inches of length, breadth and height simultaneously.
  • Works on
  • It comes with a 120V power backup.
  • It can make up to 5500 revolutions per minute.
  • Its blade size is around 160mm in diameter.
  • It consists of a 20mm arbor size.
  • It consists of a durable 1.5 inches dust collector.


  • It is a lightweight tool.
  • Offer excellent cutting speed.
  • It is a great tool for small jobs. 
  • Fulfills long-lasting utility.
  • You can shift it easily. 


  • It is not an excellent tool for long wood.

3. Triton TTS1400 Plunge Track Saw

Triton TTS1400  is a great tool if you are working in a small space. It is a 6.5 inches track saw, which makes it handy. You can easily buy this best track saw system from a nearby store.  

Comes with a highly advanced shaft lock, it offers flexibility in changing blades whenever you need it. Along with this, its soft-touch handle allows ease in seamless cutting. Further, it offers good control over the tool. 

The manufacturer has taken safety as the foremost concern.  As a result of this, Triton TTS1400 comes with a plunge lock safety system. It can produce about 3500 revolutions per minute, which is enough to perform even heavy-duty. 

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Also, you will get a universal vacuum adaptor, and 360 degrees advanced rotational outlets. It makes the buying decision fair for you. 

So this is a track saw that you can trust easily for all kinds of duties. The only point that may make you think is: you need to buy the track individually.

Unique Features of Triton TTS1400 Plunge Track Saw

  • It can produce up to 3500 revolutions per minute.
  • 360-degree electrical rotating outlet.
  • It comes with a 48triple chip grind (TCG) blade.
  • It includes a dust collector port.
  • It also consists of Carbon Bushings.


  • It offers flexibility to adjust blades.
  • It comes with a soft-touch handle.
  • It is secured by a plunge lock system.
  • Also, comes with a user-friendly guide.
  • It offers comfort in storage too. You can comfortably place it anywhere.


  • The track does not come with the product. You have to buy it individually.

4. Festool TS 55 REQ Track Saw

This tool forms a part of the outstanding track saw kit and is an ideal option to use at your home workshop. A name in the top-rated track saw Festool TS 55 REQ come with excellent features.

Its best guide rail system ensures accurate cutting. Its guide rail system includes a laser, which helps to avoid irregular cuts.

Apart from this tool offers a flexible depth control system. Using this depth control system setting, one can increase the speed and accuracy of wood cutting. It does not matter whether you work with or without a guide rail system.

It includes a circular riving knife spring-loaded riving knife. It avoids other material entering into the incised open ends. Further, it offers excellent user control and an anti-kickback feature.

It is easy and safe to remove its blades. Its quick fix feature allows easy locking of the button and arbor that ensure a seamless bolt removal process.

Unique Features of Festool TS 55 REQ Track Saw

  • It consists of a best guide rail system.
  • The flexible depth control system
  • Circular saw that comes with a riving knife.
  • It offers a quick fix feature.


  • It offers a smooth and fine cut.
  • Excellent work performance.
  • It avoids any kind of reverse pressure on your hand.
  • It offers good control over the tool.
  • User-friendly Arbor adjustment or replacement.


  • It requires you to clean it regularly.

5. DEWALT DWS520CK Tracksaw Kit

DEWALT DWS520CK is a 6.5 inches track saw that works with a powerful motor of 126-1/2-Inch 12-AMP. This is the best track saw, which includes in our top recommended list of track saws.

Similar to most other advanced tools, DEWALT DWS520CK is a lightweight track saw and comes with a 120V power back up.  Less weight makes it highly portable and user friendly.

You can easily shift it from one place to another around your workshop. Also, you can use it as a different tool for different purposes. Its excellent track saw cutting system allows seamless, accurate, and smooth cutting(no splinter). 

If you are looking for a direct cut, it is best to use it with a double-sided track. It consists of a 1300W robust motor makes it a perfect option for cutting strong woods.

So try this track saw for performing heavy duty and come up with the best wood cutting.

Unique Features of DEWALT DWS520CK Tracksaw Kit

  • It comes with an advanced anti-kickback feature.
  • It Consists of a best riving knife.
  • This tool offers a low profile blade protector.
  • It is a lightweight tool that weighs below 10 kgs.
  • It has a power backup of 120V.


  • It is a lightweight tool.
  • It is a user-friendly tool.
  • It comes with an advanced blade safety cover.
  • It offers an anti-kickback feature.


  • You may face a hurdle in the quality of its plastic elements.

Although there is an endless track saw available in the market, these are the highly recommended track saws. You may have seen their feature advantages and disadvantages but how to buy the right one may not be clear to you. So here is a guide to help you decide the best track saw for your workshop.

Buying Guide To Choose the Best Track Saws

track saw table diagram
The Track Saw Table

We have discussed the top 5 track saws recommended by users, but you may have a different opinion.  So if you do not know how to finalize an excellent circular track saw system for your workshop, this guide is for you.  It helped so many users till now, and you can be among them too. To come up with a fair decision you need to consider some important points which must be present in the track saw you buy. So let’s discuss those points. 

Speed Level it Offers

It is one of the crucial points to observe. Before you buy the best saw for you must check its speed level. It is speed on;y that decides how fast you will get your work done. You may have small or large tasks both. So choose wisely. 

It should be your foremost concern, and you can know it through revolutions per minute it produces. The revolutions per minute normally depend on the power back up and motor strength. So speed is directly related to cutting the time the tool takes.

At What Angle it Can Cut

It is the second most important thing to consider in the best track saw system. Choose a  saw that can make a deep cut in almost all directions. You may have a different kind of woodwork and may need to change the angle regularly. 

So, you must ensure that the selected track saw fulfills your demand for deep and angular cuts. It should bring high flexibility to your work.

Powerful Motor

It is clear that how quickly a track saw will cut depends on motor strength. If it consists of a robust motor, the cutting will be super fast and splinter-free. Also, the comfort of using a track saw highly depends on the type of motor it consists of. 

So just ensure that you are buying a track saw that includes the motor of the latest and super-advanced technology. Best technology ensures excellent performance. Also, you will get great speed for cutting. We have already mentioned above a track saw with outstanding motor power of 1300 W named DEWALT DWS520CK.

Corded or Cordless- Which is the best track saw system?

As its name suggests, cordless track saw does not use electricity to run. They come with a powerful battery backup, which makes you use them anywhere. On the other hand, the corded track saw tool requires electricity to run. So cordless track saw offers more freedom against corded one. It does not mean corded tools are worthless. Cordless tools may lose their strength with time, but corded tools work with the same energy.  That is because cordless models run through the battery back up, which goes down with time, but the corded tool gets the same electric supply every time. So we can say that both have their pros and cons. 

Choose Long-lasting Product

A rational user always chooses a long-lasting product at a reasonable price. The same rule applies to the purchase of a track saw kit. Only a durable product offers real value for your money. Now how will you determine the durability? It depends on the material used in making it. Check whether the manufacturer used the standard material or substandard material.  You can buy a track saw that uses metallic alloy, the best plastic, and carbide blade in its construction.

Dust Collection Port

Cleaning is an essential part of our life and track saw too. To get the accuracy in cutting, we clean the area around our workshop. Also, it is necessary to protect yourself from inhaling wood dust. So choose a track saw kit that comes with the best dust collection port. It helps in reducing dust in the environment and locking it inside the port. The right size of dust collection port helps you in performing your job dust free. 

Perfect Guide Rail Length 

The guide rail system is used to get accurate cuts. It is only possible if you have the right length of the guide rail. If your guide rail is short in length, you may need to bring some wooden blocks together If you fail to do it properly, it may result in uneven cuts. So, you should buy a long length guide rail system and experience perfect cutting.

Anti-Kickback Feature

It can be tiring and dangerous for you to run a track saw without an anti-kickback feature.  So must check whether the track saw you choose has the safeguard against kickback. It is necessary to get a smooth and splinter-free cutting experience without hurting yourself. Also, you will get an opportunity to show your creativity on wood.

Advance Guide Rail System

Guide rail system ensures accuracy in cutting. You can not get a splinter-free cutting if your track is not suitable to use with a guide rail system. To bring more accuracy in cutting, check your tool compatibility with the guide rail system before you buy it. Enjoy the best cutting experience. 

Perfect Blade Size

It is quite clear that seamless cutting is not possible without the right blade size. So consider what will be the right blade size? Is it easily adjustable?  What is the saw blade size? How easy is it to fit or to remove? What material was used in making it? Is it long-lasting? Carbide blades are the strongest blade, and you can buy them without thinking twice. They are long-lasting. Apart from this large blade helps in time-saving. This is why most users prefer 6.5 inches blades over 4.5 inches blade.

Benefits of Track Saws

The best track saw system offers endless benefits to you. Some of the advantages are listed below. These benefits will help you decide the utility of the track saw for you.

  • The use of a track saw with a right guide rail system offers seamless and accurate cutting.
  • If you choose a track saw that offers speed and ease in cutting saves your valuable time.
  • Durability and long-lasting performance make it an excellent tool. Also, it comes up with an overheating control system, which makes it safe for you.
  • The anti-kickback feature offers you excellent security against kickback. It helps in reducing pressure on your hand. 
  • You will get a comprehensive manual guide with the product. Using that guide, you can run the track saw with ease.  
  • It is a handy tool, and the capacity to bevel in any direction makes it an asset for the right cutting experience.
  • It does not take much effort to maintain a track saw as it does not run on any kind of gas to run.
  • One of the best things about track saw is: it does not harm the environment. It comes with a dust collection port that helps in locking dust inside it.

Over to You!

Track saw can be a significant tool for you if you choose it wisely. We have recommended a top-rated track saw, but you may buy other tools based on your research. The abovementioned guide on how you can buy the best track saw model will help you. So choose the best tool and enjoy a smooth cutting experience. 

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