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Best Miter Saw For 2022- Reviews and Guide

With our experts’ reviews and buyer’s guide, consumers can now find the best miter saw before they hit the store.
With our experts’ reviews and buyer’s guide, consumers can now find the best miter saw before they hit the store.

One of the best miter saw is you are looking for a carpentry application. Of course, it is a good idea to have a powerful tool for a fine angular cut. Do you think it is damn easy to purchase a miter matching your needs! It is not. You must be wondering what makes it difficult? So, here is the answer!

When you wander through the market, an endless option in Miter saw awaits for you. Choosing one to buy takes into consideration various factors including, price, features, size, and material of application, etc. If you are a beginner, a lack of knowledge can make the selection process exhausting for you. So, to ensure a hassle-free and effortless buying process, we have come up with some best sliding compound miter saw options for you. Every tool has its pros and cons. You can choose the one that matches your needs the most. So, here are some options that may be an excellent tool for you. 

The Best Mitre Saw You Should Consider

So without further ado let’s jump into list and see what miter saw are worthy to use in 2022.

  • BoschGCM12SD
  • Makita LS1019L
  • Metabo-HPT C3610DRA 36V Multivolt
  • DELTA 26-2241 Single-Bevel
  • Craftsman CMCS714M1 7.25 inch 20V Single Bevel

DEWALT DWS779– Best Compound Miter Saw 

If you are a beginner looking for the best compound Mitre Saw, DeWalt DWS779 is the best option for you. Also, If you use a sliding compound miter saw, it never lets you down. The thing which makes it unique is it can be easily used by a newbie or a professional. It makes angular cuttings smoother and finer for you.

Product Description 

DeWalt DWS779 is a super flexible miter saw that makes it turn in any direction. This saves your time to change its angle every single time you want a different one. Its powerful design makes it trim a maximum of two wooden boards of16 Inches at an angle of 90 degrees. If you reduce the angle to 45 degrees, you may cut two wooden boards up to 12 inches.

You will get a 15 amp motor installed inside it that keeps the vibration to the lowest. It further helps in exerting less pressure on your hands. No matter if you are a beginner or professional, safety should be the major concern for everyone. To ensure utmost security, it provides a transparent shield as a cover on its blade. 

What Makes It The Best Option?

  1. Ease in installation makes this saw an excellent option. It may take some assembling, but that will not take much of your time and energy. Apart from this, it comes with a comprehensive guide that explains how to use it safely and get the best results. 
  2. It offers an exceptional accuracy in cutting, which could be possible only because of the perfect combo of the blade 15 amp motor. Fine accuracy in cutting wooden boards sums up with speed to make it a powerful tool.
  3. Another element that makes the saw a gem is its excellent feature. Quaky Mitre saws are no more in trend now. DeWalt DWS779 keeps the vibration to a low level. Ultimately it helps in reducing pressure on your hand. For a professional, vibration may not be an issue, but for a beginner, it may be a serious concern. It is not important to look for a vibration feature, but this feature saves your energy.

What Are The Drawbacks In DeWalt DWS779?

Everything that comes with benefits indeed has disadvantages as well. So DeWalt DWS779 too have some drawbacks:

  1. It does not consist of comfortable covering on its handle. You may be comfortable with the time, but initially, it could be uneasy for you to grab its handle properly.
  2. It has come up with a dust bag that is easy to position and collects a good amount of dust. Still, it is not enough to collect all the dust. So, it is a drawback that even it has a dust bag, but it may not match your dust collection needs. 

The inadequate size of the dust bag is a problem with many best Miter saws. So do not choose based on a dust bag as it also relies on the type of material you are trimming with the saw.

BoschGCM12SD– Excellent 12-inch Miter Saw

Listed in the best compound Miter saws, the Bosch GCM12SD rises as an exceptional tool that comes in a different design. It is one of the most reliable names in the world of Miter saw production.

Product Description

The element that makes it an attractive Saw is its appealing design. It somewhat seems like a microscope, which is not common to other Miter saws. You might have observed it earlier. So it is said that its design is enough to tell its excellence. It weighs approx 40kg and a long-lasting power tool. It is secured against any destruction as it has an excellent base. Along with this, Its 15-amp motor offers the right vibration and great speed.

This compound miter saw was introduced in 2010. It stands above all when it comes to trim the top area of vertical wood. Bosch continuously works on their sliding compound miter saw and comes up with something better every single time. They are giving concentration to a blade size of 8.5-inch saws. You can choose any model with or without wire.

To offer the best suggestion, we have gone through the sliding compound miter saw reviews. Most often, it is customer feedback that helps us decide the best product in the market. The Bosch GCM12SD always tops the list of best-reviewed Miter saw offering high quality and finer cutting services. It is never a bad choice for you as it offers the best result in shaping wooden fences in your backyard.

If you have an issue in handling its weight, choose Bosch Bosch CM10GD 10-inch sliding miter saw at an affordable price. You will get the same result even after choosing a less weight miter saw.

What Makes this Saw The Best Option?

  1. Its exceptional gliding system makes it the best miter saw for all. Almost all the Miter saw faces struggle in the running because of dust stuck due to gliding. But its excellent axile glide avoids dust stuck due to the continuous running of the tool. So its gliding system stands out from others.
  2. This saw consists of a user-friendly switch that offers you to set its speed and angle that must be comfortable for you. So, this does not interrupt your comfort.
  3. It offers smoother and more comfortable cutting from different angles. In other words, it provides flexibility to get better cutting results.

What Are The Drawbacks of Bosch Power Tools GCM12SD?

  1. It does not consist of a laser system. It may not be necessary for all, but the laser feature makes the miter saw user-friendly.
  2. This does not support easy transportation. It requires extreme care to move from one place to another.
  3. It is a heavy and expensive miter saw, which is not a good thing when you have to use it alone. Every single time you may need to take help from another person. 

Makita LS1019L– Best Wireless Miter Saw  

A 10-inch sliding miter saw, Makita LS1019L, always comes in the list of top Miter saw. Makita is recognized for its excellent tools and power equipment. This is the best tool for beginners that offer user-friendly installation and features. Professionals may not find it interesting because its features are more suitable for beginners.

Product Description

Although 12-inch power tools are more in trend, LS1019L(10-inch) is the best option in less weight miter saw. It can give strong competition to other best options in all terms like trimming strength and strong blades. You can trust this compound sliding miter saw because it runs smoothly. No matter big or small, it is the best option for every space size.

To ensure instant and accurate cut, it comes with a laser sight feature installed in it. Besides laser sight, it has an excellent dust bag and facility to get rid of taller fences. It provides pretty much the same result as it in the case of vacuum cleaners.

This is a 10-inch sliding miter saw which consists of approx 60teeth.

It further avoids the struggle of running the motor and helps in easily cutting a larger area. It is an easy to use tool for both beginners and professionals as there is no rocket science in running it.

What Makes This A Best Option For You?

  1. A dust bag is a big issue in almost every miter saw, but Makita LS1019L beats them by offering approx. 80 percent dust removal. Understandably, you can’t complete clearance, but this is not a small amount. Not only this, it offers a better cutting result than the miter saw of a 12 inches blade.
  2. It is the best option for smaller areas too. You get a feature to take a smaller step by adjusting its chains. If you have to complete a task in a limited area, then choose this miter saw without thinking twice.

What Are The Drawbacks Of Makita LS1019L?

Initially, it gives you the best results in every way, but with time it may show issues in bigger sliding cuts. This is because usage made its rails outdated. This can be a serious concern when you use it continuously.

Metabo-HPT C3610DRA 36V Multivolt– Exceptional 10-inch Miter Saw

It is the best miter saw that you can use with or without wire. It gives you the option to run it through a 36V battery or electric power. This is the reason that it is named multi-volt. Freedom to use it cord or cordless makes it a great power tool. It comes with a perfect fence, which helps in smoother cutting. 

Not only this, it is a glide, dual bevel, but miter flexibility also supports easy cutting from different angles. Its major miter scales are quite simple to understand and have switches to use at 0 to 45 degrees to offer different shape cuts. Its 10-inch blade makes it less in weight and thickness as compared to the 12-inch blade miter saw. 

Excellent does not end here. It also consists of a button to get the desired depth cut on the wooden board corners.

So, its smaller size makes it user friendly to install it anywhere you need.

What Makes This Saw The Best Option?

  1. It brings a pro out of you. This dual gliding wireless miter saw is a remarkable asset for professionals and offers great accuracy in cutting.
  2. One of the significant advantages of all is it is a Multivolt run tool. You can run it using a 36V battery and electric power. This is great freedom for you.
  3. It is named in the top reviewed 10-inch miter saw in 2020.
  4. It offers super flexibility through 0to 60degree angle and 0 to a 55-degree angle to the right and left simultaneously.
  5. It comes with a multi-volt adaptor, 10-inch blade, compact size, excellent dust bag size, and other elements.
  6. You may get a guarantee too on this product. 

What Are The Drawbacks Of Metabo-HPT C3610DRA?

  1. You may face issues with the uneven base. 
  2. You may not handle its heavyweight. Especially when you are a beginner and not used to it matters a lot. So, choose wisely. 

DELTA 26-2241 Single-Bevel Compound Sliding Miter Saw

First of all, it is a name that you can trust without giving it a second thought. It is the best sliding compound miter saw that offers long-lasting excellence in cutting boards. It is the best thing that every experienced person or beginner demands. 

Product Description

This miter saw comes with a 15 amp motor and can make approx 4000 revolutions per minute. Its detent flexible switch is made from a long-lasting material. It offers you complete freedom to use it with different settings.

It has a feature to trim the board at 90 degrees( 2/8 inches). You can adjust this cutting capacity to 7.5 inches at an angle of 45 degrees. It comes with a single bevel compound sliding miter saw that can bevel to 47 degrees to the right and left. Along with this, it consists of positive stop points up to 7. 

Choose this model with 10 positive stop points. It can bevel up to 50 degrees on the left and 60 degrees on the right. It is a large and well-designed compound sliding miter saw that offers unique features and stands out every aspect of quality standards. You will like this product right when you hold this tool for the first time. Its comfortable handle, grip, and easy to use will blow your mind at first instance. 

Not only this, but it also comes with a dust port that can be easily connected to the vacuum cleaner. This further removes the need for a dust bag. You will get all the necessary elements like blades, covers, dust bags, and others whether you need it or not.

What Makes This Saw Special?

  1. It is easy to set up even if you are a beginner. This gives you the freedom to use it immediately. 
  2. The detent lock hold is damn good. It is made of a long-lasting material like stainless steel.
  3. IT comes with all sorts of accessories like a dust bag, accurate blade size, blade covers, handles, and much more. 
  4. It offers excellent accuracy in cutting. 
  5. It comes in a reasonable range, which makes it pocket friendly for you.

What are the Drawbacks of DELTA 26-2241?

  1. You have to follow some steps for safety triggers, which can be annoying.
  2. Although it consists of security triggers that can be a little noisy for you. It creates noise in starting it. So this can be a louder miter saw for you.

Craftsman CMCS714M1 7.25 inch 20V Single Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw

This is the best miter saw for them who find cordless miter saw far more interesting and robust than other saws. Not only this, it comes in a reasonable range, so do not hamper your pocket. It always rises as a good option for professionals who do it themselves.

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Product Description

Its advanced miter system and large handles give you the comfort to shift it easily from one place to another. It will not result in damage so soon. Also, you get different points that you can use to set the blade for different cutting. This further results in instant and productive completion of a task.

If you have a brief knowledge of machine design, you will always focus on its advanced features and long-lasting life. This miter saw gives you the excellence of durability and strong features. It takes a 20V battery to run and can make 3800 revolutions per minute. So, you can assume how fast it cuts. 

The manufacturer of this saw gave more focus to its long-lasting life. It has the most astonishing motor quality and is made up of stainless steel. The use of stainless steel made it robust enough that it lasted for a longer time. 

No matter what type of job it is, it proves its excellence everywhere. This is the reason, it is widely accepted by professionals and users at home. Every user demands durability and user-friendly features, it fulfills the same.

Its excellence is not limited to the advanced features, strong body, and long-lasting material, but extends to precise cutting strength. You can comfortably use it from any angle. It is strong enough to cut a bundle of approx 16 planks of wood at a time(90degrees). In the case of 45 degrees, it can cut 2/12 pieces. Bevel stops from 49 to zero degrees at both sides makes it a powerful tool.

With its ball-bearing advanced sliding rail system, it improves the cutting accuracy and supports its durability. When it comes to cleanliness, this comes in the top miter saw list. It offers you the best dust collection bag and prevents messing up your job space.  

Dust bags are always an issue in all the miter saw, but this saw beats other powerful tools. 

What Makes This Saw The Best Option?

  1. This product always comes with a warranty, which makes it attractive among users. 
  2. It is a long-lasting product and beats every other miter in terms of performance.
  3. It offers ease when it comes to moving this product from one place to another. So, this is a useful asset if you have multiple workspaces.

What Are The Drawbacks of CRAFTSMAN CMCS714M1?

  1. We have noticed that it may create stuck problems due to non-flexible ball bearings. Especially when you are using it for a longer time, you can face stuck issues.
  2. You may not get desired results due to issues in its functioning. This is not the case every time, but chances are there.

How To Choose The Best Miter Saw That Suits Your Need?

Spending money on a miter saw that offers you excellent results can be a crucial decision for you. You may not know what factors you should consider and what can be avoided. No brand will tell you the truth hides behind their ad campaign. Choosing any random Miter Saw can be a hazard for you. So, you should look for the one that can cover most of your cutting tasks.

Best Miter Saw Buying Guide

If you keep some important points in mind, you can purchase a quality power tool at a lower cost. Most of us think that expensive products consist of great features and will give you better results. This is not true with every product. So choose wisely! So here are some important elements that you should pay attention to before buying the best power tool for you. 

What Type of Work You Do?

This is the topmost crucial thing to consider when you choose to buy the best sliding miter saw. So this forms the foremost step of our detailed guide. It is common sense that whenever we purchase a product, we consider our needs first. So, before buying a miter saw, keep its purpose in mind. What type of work you do, decides the miter saw that is the best fit for you. 

You may be a carpenter, or you need it for your household stuff, changes the type of miter saw you need. So, whether your trimming needs are bigger or small, decides the right miter saw for you.

Right Size of Blade

Before you decide on the right size of the blade, ask some important questions yourself. What level of cutting are you expecting? What material are you using? If you are going to apply it on longer boards, then choose a miter saw that can perform the job smoothly. Usually, a 12-inch blade completes any task easily. This you may not expect from a 10-inch blade size.

This does not mean that a 10-inch blade size is useless. We have already suggested some best miter saw with a 10-inch blade. So it completely depends on different elements that which blade size is best suitable for you.

Decide upon the Drive- Belt, Worm, and Direct

Each type of drive has its pros and cons. It can not be decided which miter saw drive is better than the other. If you want to use it on the boards, then the Belt drive may give you better results than others. But it has cons as well. It decreases the clearance on the miter saw blade. So, a belt drive does not need to give you the same result in every situation. Now let’s come to the worm and direct drive compound sliding miter saw. These kinds of saws are comfortable to use for broad trimming. So, this saw gives you more confidence for cutting at 45 degrees.

Decide Between Compound Sliding Miter Saw and Chop Saw

Another important point to consider is if the Miter saw is easy to shift and has all the features you need. If you choose a Chop saw, it may offer flexibility to bevel in any direction maximum up to 90 degrees(2×6). Also, it weighs less than a sliding miter saw, which makes it comfortable for the user. On the other hand, in the sliding miter saw, you can get a setting choice of 2 by 12 or 2 by 14. It does not matter what blade size you use Sliding miter always weighs higher than the chop saw. So, keep these points in mind before finalizing the right miter saw.

What Will You Choose- Corded or Cordless Miter Saw? 

It is not easy to decide between corded and cordless miter saw. With time it is getting even harder than before. You will get endless suppliers of the miter saw in the market. . some of them offer miter saws in both categories (with or without wire). Makita is one of those miter saw producers that offer corded and cordless products. There is no difference in features except wire. On the other hand, manufacturers like DeWalt and Metabo HPT offer wireless products that run through battery adapters linked to 120V electric power.

You would not believe that there is no visible difference between corded and cordless miter saw. By exploring the latest technologies, you will find there is no problem with power voltage in them.

On comparing the features, you may not find any difference, but if you compare cost and convenience, the difference exists there. Cordless miter saws offer more convenience at a higher cost. In other words, comfort comes with a cost added to it. It may cost higher than the corded compound sliding miter saw, but then you do not need to worry about power shortage. Battery run miter saws have improved many times in a short time. Along with convenience, they have become long lasting too. 

Laser or LED Cut-line Indicators

It is not necessary to check a Laser or LED cutline-indicator, but it offers seamless cutting. It improves cutting accuracy to the next level. Miter saws that include Led or laser cutline indicators always get the highest reviews. They make blade positioning easy for you. It displays the exact area where the blade needs to perform its job.

It does not matter what blade size and type you use. It gives a similar result, and you do not need to put extra effort like in other miter saws. So, it performs well day and night. Usually, we do not keep it in necessary points, but we encourage producers to come-up with LED cut line indicators for seamless cutting.

What Other Features You Should Look For?

  1. The motor does not make noise while starting it. In other words, triggering on the miter saw should be a pleasant experience for you.
  2. It should consist of an LED cut line indicator. It is not necessary, but you get it. It will be an asset for you.
  3. It offers you the right level, flexibility, and switch on button.
  4. It must be user-friendly, especially when you are cutting.
  5. Best blade size and safety.
  6. Whether it has adjustable fences or not. 
  7. If it has a dust collection bag or not.
  8. Right clamp
  9. Best control over the bevel

It is true that few people know about the cordless miter saw and feel more confident in using corded technologies. But let me tell you cordless miter saws are equally competitive and offer convenience. They do not use any power source and run through the battery. Data revealed that cordless products are gaining popularity over the time. 


We have gone through the reviews of several miter saws. We understand that selecting the best miter saw depends on results, type of blade, power voltage, cutting strength, precision, and other advanced features. Based on our studies we have suggested you the most exceptional miter saw. Every product has its own pros and cons. You should consider different factors like budget, requirement, and time you have to finish the task. According to the consideration, choose the one that fulfills most of your requirements. Go through the guide properly and come upon a wise decision for you.

It is completely fine if your choice is different. Every person may have a different opinion. It is your opinion only that brings up the right miter saw to you. This is a recommendation only and hopes you liked and helped you buying the right Miter Saw.