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12 Best Lawn Mowing Tips You Must Know Before Mowing

Intending to mow your yard? Before you start have a look at these 12 best lawn mowing tips that must know while mowing the grass.
Intending to mow your yard? Before you start have a look at these 12 best lawn mowing tips that must know while mowing the grass.

Looking for the best lawn mowing tips, start to rush on the internet in spring and summer. Whether you believe it or not, maintenance of anything always tests your skills. Mowing a lawn too comes in this category. We all dream of a well-maintained beautiful lawn, and mowing is the only way to make it true. Mowing the lawn on a timely basis helps the grass grow stronger than before. It also makes your lawn appear rich. You would be thinking about how it is possible?

Whenever grass grows, some unwanted plants known as weed grow with it. Weeds take over all the strength of grass and make it harder. So, mowing helps in maintaining healthy grass in the garden. When it is in a productive season, it can be a little tiring for you. Must ensure that you are doing it right. For a smoother lawn, you need to consider factors like how many days you will mow, the desired length of grass, and skills to use a machine, etc.

This is why it is said that mowing the yard is a skillful task, and it is not as easy as people think. Most of them take knowledge from the internet or from an experienced person to run a mowing machine.  So, if you are in the same race and looking for great tips to get an excellent mow experience, then you are in the right place.

12 Best Lawn Mowing Tips – Must Consider

This informative guide is for offering the best tips to mow a lawn and enjoy a great outcome. If your yard is quite small then we suggest you follow all the below tips but with a smaller mower. Make sure to check out the best lawn mowers for small yards along with a buying guide that will help you to pick the right one.

Well, without further ado, let dive into the mowing tips.

1. Select The Right Mowing Equipment

Best lawn mowing tips start with choosing the right equipment. Whether you purchase this equipment or rent it, choose the one that performs the job perfectly for you. Now how will you choose the equipment? Here is the answer: it is suggested that if your lawn area is approx 500Sqft, then choose a reel lawnmower. This is because they offer more ease in operation than electricity run mowers. Along with this, they generate lower sound than gas mowers. Wired electricity run mowers can increase the hectic for you. On the other side if you have a lawn area of more than 500 Sq Ft, then an electric mower is recommended. For a larger piece of land, it offers the best features to complete your work in time.

mowing equipment

Time-saving is the biggest need when you start the mowing process. Choose a tractor lawnmower if you have a lawn area of a minimum of half a hectare. Otherwise, it could be a burden for you in terms of cost and time.

If you do not want hectic in considering the land area, then a Cordless mower or Battery lawnmower is the best option. Neither they take fuel, nor they take oil, which makes them good for the environment too. If a person gets so many benefits in one thing, then who will say no to that. Also, they are cordless, which makes them free from nuisance. This is giving a new height to the electric market as more and more product manufacturers, joining the race.  This further increases the competition and brings up the best products in an affordable range.

2. Ensure Timely Maintenance Of Mower

Getting your equipment servicing completed is the foremost need before you start mowing the lawn. Keep it into your mind that for a cleaner lawn, send your equipment for maintenance before the grass cutting season arrives. If your equipment is not in good condition, then it may unevenly cut the grass. Also, it can damage the upper ends of the grass that prevent them from growing again. Cleaning your equipment on a timely note prevents blockage.

Brush up the blade before you begin mowing. Especially when you buy a new mower, it is a must.  Must check whether all its components are working smoothly. Apart from this, ensure that its blades are giving a fine cut on the grass. Considering these factors give you a beautiful garden. When you buy a new blade, you may not get it sharped properly. So, sharpening it initially gives you the best results every single time you mow.

Initially, many people don’t encourage the idea of using a sharp blade. Later on, they realize that only a sharp blade cuts the grass faster and cleaner. It is not computer science to understand how to sharpen mower blades. If you are not comfortable doing it, then you can take help from the hardware store. Most of these stores offer diligent services. Lawn Mower blades(particularly that run using gasoline) needed to be sharpened and cleaned in the spring and summer seasons.  Doing so will give you long-lasting results. Looking at a beautiful lawn after exhausting time will rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul.

3. Wait For The Grass To Dry

Mowing becomes easy when the grass remains dry.  There is no issue in mowing wet grass, but it won’t give you a great outcome. Moist grass may block the mower storage.  Apart from this, it is also possible that blades slip over the wet grass and result in irregular cuts. Keep a great inspection on the grass coming out of the mower. Clean the already cut grass from the lawn to avoid it getting stuck in the mower.

mow at dry grass

Avoid mowing the yard with wet grass because it can result in shredding the grass. If you have to mow the soggy grass, then apply lubricant to avoid the grass stuck into it.  It is necessary to check the sharpness of the blade. This is to prevent tearing grass from coming out of the ground.

4. Mowing The Yard Frequently And Early Is Better

Although it completely depends on the season the number of times you will mow your lawn. Still, the rule says: for best lawn mowing results, you have to mow at least twice a week. This is because if you mow less often, then the grass may not look clean. You may avoid cutting grasses in the spring season as their growth stays slow in this period. So it is a great idea to

mowing yard early

Mow the lawn once in two weeks when the grass seems dry but increase the number once you move toward the end of the spring season. You can start mowing once a week as the grass starts growing faster. Apart from this, it is suggested that you complete your lawn maintenance work early in the morning.   

5. Alter Blade Height As per Season and Right Grass Height

Blade height depends highly on the climate and season of an area. Keep this height less at the beginning and end of a particular season. If it is summer and dryness in the atmosphere increases blade height a little bit. It will help the grass to grow more and trap moisture. This further helps in keeping grass fresh and green.

adjust the blades of mower

Apart from blade height, grass height also matters for a beautiful lawn. In some lawns, the ideal grass height is considered more than 2 cm up to 4 cm, whereas, for other areas with scraps, it is up to 5 cm. Areas that fall away from sunlight then leave grass height between 7 cm to 8 cm.

6. Mow The Borders Properly

Thinking about a well-maintained lawn and not cleaning its borders yet, then you are far from your dream. Highly grown grass from corners makes its appearance unfinished. If you want to make your lawn look mowed by professionals, then trim its edges more frequently.

You can use an edging tool to remove overgrown grass in the spring season. If you are not comfortable enough with trimming edges, you can check grass cutting tips for a cleaner lawn.

7. Prefer A Rider Mower For A Large Lawn

If you have a busy schedule and don’t have time to mow your large lawn, then a Rider mower is the only solution. This mower saves time and involves trimming the grass. It is worth buying a rider mower if you have a large lawn area.

riding lawn mower

How much you invest in a mower depends on the type of mower, lawn area, budget, and quality of land, etc. So must check the beginner’s guide for which mower will be suitable for you.

8. Use Grasscycling

Grasscycling refers to when you left the trimmed grass as it is, and it later gets decomposed once you mow the lawn.  It saves your time and money to invest in buying a bag and filling It with trimmed grass. Apart from this, it works as a useful fertilizer for your lawn grass and saves your cost to be invested in buying fertilizer.

use grasscycling

From trimming the grass I want to ask, if you have the hedges in your garden then it would be a headache trim them properly with consistency so, for this, we have a list of best gas-powered hedge trimmers that you must check

What makes it special? 

You don’t need an advanced mower, but change the blades with a mulching one. This blade helps the mower trim grass at an appropriate length making it easily decomposable. So, you can complete the grasscycling process without any hurdle.

Also, buy an accessory kit that prevents trimmed grass come off the mower deck by blocking the grass exit area. You can easily get this kit online or offline.

Make Best Use Of Grasscycling

Grasscycling gives the best outcome when it is used with grass that is trimmed more often. Also, you can use this method if you are removing one-third length of the grass.  If grass length increases one third, then it has to be gathered in a bag.  If you are serious enough to use grasscycling for longer length grass, then mow the lawn to cut the grass into small pieces. In the end, it will give an excellent result.

9. Do Not Mow in the Same Direction

One of the best lawn mowing tips includes that you should not mow in the same direction always.  If you mow the lawn in the same direction, it may hurt soil quality and develop unavoidable trenches.

Pressed soil attracts unhealthy grass and unwanted plants known as weed.  So, avoid mowing in the same direction if you want a beautiful lawn.

10. Take Proper Care While Mowing A Slope Area

Take proper care while mowing sloped areas on your lawn. Avoid mowing such areas if the grass is soggy. This is because it may lead to the mower slip from the surface and can hurt you badly. So before mowing a sloped area, learn some useful tricks.

For a clean mowing on a sloped area, move the mower straight away rather than moving it up and down. A string mower is suggested if you are planning to trim shorter slopes. For more sloppy space, try to exchange it with green covers that do not need high maintenance.

11. Skip Mowing Lawn With Recent Sowing

It won’t be a good idea if you plan to mow a lawn where you sow the seeds.

Skip this plan right away and wait for the moment when the grass will be at least 4 cm tall. Once it is done mowing the sown area with the remaining part of the lawn. You can also take knowledge of how you can produce a lawn out of the seed.

12. Other Best Lawn Mowing Tips That You Should Know

  • The Lawn One of the best tips to mow a lawn more finely is to set up the mower on the lawn boundaries. It will result in a more clean finish.
  • Keep the mower away from the range of children. It can be extremely injurious for them. Even when you have a riding lawn mower, keep the children at a distance.
  • Avoid moving the mower up and down when you plan to mow a sloped area. Instead of that, you can mow along the slope, or you can use a riding lawn mower to run over it.
  •  Do not mow the lawn consisting of soggy grass. It could be slippery for your mower that can hurt you badly. Also, wet grass can block your mower by sticking inside it. Also, it makes the mower exposed to the disease.
  • Clogged grass makes the engine generate unpleasant sounds. So switch off the mower and notice if its blade stops rotating or not. Only when the blade stops, carefully remove all the grass.


Mowing the yard will become an excellent experience if you consider these tips.  Choose the right mower and the right time for mowing as per season at your place. Take wise decisions while working with the blades. Enjoy mowing and become a pro at it.

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