8 Best Gas Hedge Trimmer of 2022

Want to have a nice looking garden with aesthetic greenery? Check out the gas hedge trimmers reviews.
Want to have a nice looking garden with aesthetic greenery? Check out the gas hedge trimmers reviews.

Maintaining beautiful gardens by the best gas hedge trimmer, the aroma of nature spreading around and inside your house, is this what excites you? Do you also believe that it heals your mind when you smell the fresh fragrance of plants every single time? If yes! Then you are in the right place. Whenever we dream of a mesmerizing colorful garden, we forget the hard work involved.  Apart from efforts, they take a lot of investment. It demands the similar care and nourishment you offer to your kids.

Gardening involves searching for excellent quality fertile soil, harmless pesticides, organic fertilizers, and connection with expert gardeners — these things challenge your luck. Every heart fills with joy by seeing a blooming and blushing garden with fruits, vegetables, and flowers. However, they do not realize what efforts it takes to come up with this pleasant garden.  This is the fact that most people show excitement for gardening but get bored as they proceed further.

Sometimes you need to hire a gardener, which can be really costly for you. So, if you get the gardener equipment, it will reduce the cost relatively. Use of the best commercial hedge trimmer ensures your garden in good shape. You can easily use this equipment and maintain your garden in a cost-efficient way.

Gas-powered hedge trimmers are the best tools if you have them in your gardening kit. Cleaning the garden that exhausted you earlier becomes an interesting task for you.  Now you do not need conventional tools of gardening, which require more physical efforts.  Buying a gas hedge trimmer does not require hiring a professional. To save costs further, you can take this equipment on rent as well.

Top Picks for Gas Hedge Trimmers

So, through this comprehensive guide, you will come to know about the top-rated gas hedge trimmers of 2020. If you love to maintain hedges surrounding your house in a beautiful shape, then you should consider one of the following equipment for gardening:

Best Gas Hedge Trimmer Going To Rock 2022

So here we have the list of some top of the line gas hedge trimmer you must check. Here you’ll find the details of every hedge trimmer with our reviews that will help you to pick the best one. Make sure to check the pros and cons under every listed product that what things we like about it and what we don’t

Tanaka TCH22EBP2 Gas Hedge Trimmer

Tanaka gas powered hedge trimmer

Coming in the best commercial hedge trimmers, Tanaka supports maintaining a beautiful garden. Being a commercial machine, it provides a 21cc two-cycle engine with a 24-inch dual facet blade added to it.

It also helps in reducing leaf damage, and extraordinary fuel capacity makes it durable. Highly advanced technology offers a flexible and comfortable start. It becomes more interesting when you use this lightweight trimmer with a comfortable and flexible handle. This makes you use its cutter from any angle.

What makes it best?

  • Comfortable grip with 5 positioned rear handle
  • Forward facing exhaust that prevents burning hedges
  • 24-inch dual sided blades
  • 21.1 cc Pure Fire 2-cycle engine
  • EPA compliant
  • Weight: 10.3 lbs
  • S-start the one-touch button to start mower with purge bulb indicator

So, it is the best option for smoother cleaning of hedges and brings ease to your day to day gardening world. This is one of the best gas powered hedge trimmers in our opinion and market as well that you must consider if you’re planning to get one.

  • A machine that is designed with excellence.
  • Efficiently cover all your gardening needs.
  • The best option for every greenskeeper.
  • Offers flexibility to use different blades.
  • One of the top-rated equipment by customers.
  • It may be costlier than other hedge trimmers.

Husqvarna 122HD45 Gas Powered Hedge Trimmer

Husqvarna hedge cutter machine

Equipped with user-friendly features, Husqvarna122HD45  is a low sound-making trimmer. Swedish originated Husqvarna launched its first product with approx 21 cc 18-inch hedge trimmer. Unlike other hedge trimmers, it has the capacity to cut hedges up to 4 or 5 inches. Apart from this, it has a robust engine that improves its functioning to the next level.

It also offers the best protection against vibration and comfort to your hands while performing the job. Apart from this, it is a light-weight trimmer that weighs less than 5 kg.

What makes it best?

  • Powerful 21. 7cc, 2-cycle engine 
  • Lightweight hedge trimmer, 10. 36 lbs only
  • LowVib anti-vibration reduces the vibrations on the trimmer prevent the stress on hands and make the grip more stable and comfortable.
  • Dual Reciprocal blades built with stainless steel
  • Quick and Smart Start feature

So, this is the best gas hedge trimmer for trimming a small to average size garden.

  • A reliable name in the world of hedge trimmers.
  • Long-lasting equipment matches your budget.
  • User-friendly functions
  • Offer flexibility in components.
  • It may be costlier than other hedge trimmers.

Poulan Pro PR2322 Gas Hedge Trimmer

Poulan Pro PR2322

One of the best gas-powered hedge trimmers, Poulan Pro offers a 22-inch multitasking blade. Its quality is improved by a 23cc two-cycle engine for smoother plant cutting. It is easy to use the handle. Excellent grip and flexibility to shape up the plant to an inch make it an excellent tool to use for gardeners. It reduces the trouble for you to a major extent.

This lightweight gas hedge trimmer normally weighs around 5 kg and is equipped with protection against vibration, which keeps them to a minimum level.

What makes it best?

  • Powerful 23cc 2 cycle full crank engine
  • Dual-sided strong stainless Steel blades cut up to 22″ of hedges
  • Less vibration for stress-free operation and comfort grip
  • Lightweight design at Only 11.1 lbs
  • Rotating Rear Handle
  • Easy to operate
  • Offers reliability.
  • Top-rated trimmer
  • Comes in a reasonable range.
  • Flexible blades for every type of cutting.
  • You may encounter difficulty in starting it initially.
  • Although it is light-weight still it can be heavy to handle for you.

SENIX HT4QL-L Hedge Trimmer

SENIX gas hedge trimmer

The best commercial hedge trimmer designed by leading Canadian greens making company, Senix launched its first product of approx 26 cc four-stroke. Along with that, it offers a 22-inch blade for finer cutting.

It does not operate through gas and has a capacity to cut shrubs of approx 1 inch. To test your gardening abilities, this is the best equipment. Its rotating handle is an added advantage that offers flexibility to shape the plants from any angle.

Last but not least, it is a light-weight tool that weighs less than 5 kg. This makes it the best tool for your gardening requirement. One can perform their tough task easily by using this hedge trimmer. Besides this, a reasonable price makes it a gem from greenskeeper.

What makes it best?

  • Strong 26.5cc 4QL 4-cycle full crank engine
  • 22″ Laser cut dual-action blades
  • Swiveling rear handle
  • Durable & superior grip for ease operations
  • Lightweight gas-powered hedge trimmer only 13 lbs

So, if you are not fond of using gas hedge trimmers, then this is the best tool for you. This is one of the best products of Senix in terms of price, weight, and material that will blow your mind.

  • It comes with excellent tank capacity.
  • The best tool for shaping plants.
  • Comes with a good cover for blades.
  • Make less noise
  • Protection for blade sharp end.
  • It is not as strong in comparison to a two-stroke engine but still you may consider it if you’re going to trim the hedges not so frequently.

Redmax CHT220L 24 Gas Hedge Trimmer

Redmax Hedge Cutter

Being known for the best gas hedge trimmer company, Echo Global power tool company was founded in 2005, and its headquarter is based in Chicago, Illinois, United States. The company always proved its excellence in delivering the best gardening equipment.

Its 21cc powerful two-stroke engine and best filtration feature make it durable. Comfortable handle and easy maintenance make it the best gas hedge trimmer. Along with this, it offers dual-sided blades of approx 20inches that come with durable sharpness and excellent results.

What makes it best?

  • Dual sided 24″ either direction cutting blades
  • 3 position rear handle makes arms comfortable while using it
  • Included a safety bar that prevents any leg injury
  • Durable 21.7 cc engine
  • Weights 16.61 pounds only

Although it does not offer you flexibility in rotating handles, it gives you a larger area to easily hold it. It is a good option for less to medium thickness plants as it will not give you a good result when used for the tough task.

  • It is well-designed quality equipment.
  • It comes with an enhanced gas tank capacity.
  • Well balance trimmer
  • Comfortable handle
  • It makes less noise.
  • Anyone can start it easily.
  • You can not move the handle in any direction.

How to Choose A Best Hedge Trimmer For Your Gardening Need?

Buying a gas hedge trimmer for the first time can be hectic for you. This is because you may not know which tool perfectly matches your needs. You need to check various factors before investing your valuable money in various tools. You may not be aware of those factors.

Gas Hedge Trimmer Buyer's Guide
Gas Hedge Trimmer Buyer’s Guide

So, here are the factors that will definitely help you in choosing the best equipment for maintaining a mesmerizing garden.

Find Out The Appropriate Size and Type of Engine

It is true that how strong your hedge trimmer will be depends on the size of the engine, but you may not have bigger gardening needs every single time. Increasing engine size provides more strength to the trimmer, but it may not be handy for you. So, Mostly gas-powered hedge trimmers come with a maximum of 26cc. You can get these trimmers with two-stroke or four-stroke engines either. Most of your gardening needs can be easily completed by two-stroke engine hedge trimmers.

Find Out The Right Hedge Size and Type

This is another significant factor in the list. When it comes to gardening and its outcome, buying the right size hedge trimmer is necessary to get rid of unwanted hedges. Keeping your plants in mind, ensure whether you are choosing the right hedge size. This is because choosing a gas hedge trimmer may not be a good idea if you medium thick or large hedges.

Pole hedge trimmer is the best option. Hedges have a good height. It will help you easily finish the duty. You may buy a trimmer of 20-inch blades as it fulfills most of your gardening needs. Apart from this, a trimmer with a swirling handle proves a plus point for you.

So it completely depends on the thickness of twigs or hedges which trimmer will be best. A gas hedge trimmer can easily trim a branch thickness of approx 1.5 inches.

Appropriate Length Blade

If you want a smooth trimming of hedges, then the right blade is the important factor. Now the question is how you decide the right blade length? Here is the answer

It depends on the length of hedges and what other needs you want to cover. A longer blade can finish hedges in minutes, but it may not be appropriate if you want a smooth finish. It can be heavy for you, and because of that, you may get difficulty in shaping the plants.

So, choose a length of blade that you can handle easily and fulfill your purpose too.

Check Its Tank Capacity

This is a plus point with gas hedge trimmers that they can give you long lasting performance unless it runs out of fuel. This is not possible in the case of electric hedge trimmers.

The important point to be noticed here is what tank capacity is sufficient for you as gas-based trimmers come in various shapes and sizes. Choose a model that serves your purpose for a longer time.

Keep this thing in mind that straight run gasoline with a two-stroke engine is not a good idea. It is required to be a blend of oil and gas. For the right mix of oil and gas, you need to take guidance from a manufacturer. This is because an inappropriate ratio of oil and gas can adversely affect the trimmer engine.

Comfortable Handle Design

Convenient and secure handles are a strong reason behind a properly shaped garden. Rear handles offer flexibility to use them from any angle and avoid any mishappening due to a slip of trimmer. Comfortable space to hold it provides great control for changing its direction while shaping or trimming a plant. Mostly, trimmers come with features that reduce pressure on hand to make it a smooth job for you.


Proper handling of tools largely depends on their weight. Usually, gas hedge trimmers weigh more than electric hedge trimmers.  It’s difficult to find a gas-powered hedge trimmer less than 4.5 kgs. This is most probably when you look for a good one.

Must consider this factor while buying a hedge trimmer: it has a comfortable handle and user-friendly functioning. Imbalance due to trimmer weight can lead to serious injury and finish the purpose for what you have bought the tool. Keep this thing in mind that the lightest model you will buy begins gaining weight with time. So, decide upon the weight that you can actually handle easily.

How Much It Will Cost?

Obviously, every gas run hedge trimmer may not fall in your budget. Mostly these equipment cost more than electric hedge trimmers. If electric trimmers match your needs, then it is well and good. Otherwise, try to purchase a gas hedge trimmer at the best price. Investing money is a waste if your garden has low length hedges. You can easily remove them using normal scissors. It will not hamper your budget.


Gas hedge trimmers perform a great job for your greenkeeping. Choosing the right size and design trimmer is what brings out an ultimate outcome. So, the above guide will help you in buying the right equipment and fulfilling your desire to become an excellent greenskeeper. Knowing your budget, requirement, and goal in advance can help you in maintaining a balance between cost and features of hedge trimmer. So choose wisely! Enjoy Gardening!

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