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Best Gas Fireplace Inserts 2020 (Reviews & Buying Guide)

Looking for a warm solution? Fireplace inserts are the best options when it comes to warm up the living space, the low cost operational and easy to use best gas fireplace inserts can solve your problem and help in creating an aesthetic and warm ambiance. It also has two choices either you can go for a ventless gas fireplace or vented one.

Also, these fireplace inserts work on different fuels such as propane fireplace work on the propane on the other hand gas fireplace works on Natural gas. You might be wondering what would be the better option for you. Well, you no need worry we’ve picked some of the best, modern and top-rated gas fireplace insert along with reviews that help you to choose the most desirable option for your home.

There is no need for those old, drafty, and inefficient masonry fireplaces. Update your fireplace with the gas fireplace insert. You do not have to sacrifice the comfort, warmth, and unimaginable glow of flames of a wood-burning fireplace for a gas fireplace insert. No more dealing with high maintenance, soot, and smoke. Gas fireplace inserts are designed to fit inside your existing fireplace opening which upgrades heating efficiency and looks. 

Thumbs up to great performance, convenience and hassle free experience.

Those were the old days when one had to spend hours chopping the wood, carrying them and starting the fire so that you can settle and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea or a glass of wine in front of explendid fire. Gas fireplace inserts are easy to install, use and need less maintenance. The major boon is that these inserts cost less than wood burning fireplace inserts. These inserts are highly heat efficient with a rate of upto 99%, using less fuel to produce more heat whereas wood burning inserts provide 70% of heat efficiency.

Here, in this article we provide you the basic information regarding our top picks for gas fireplace inserts.

Most Recommended Gas Fireplace Inserts

We are here with the most recommended gas fireplace inserts which we came across after comparing all their features, efficiency and most certainly those inserts that can make your life convenient and hassle free. 

Let’s see the best of all.

Best Gas Fireplace Insert Reviews

The gas fireplace inserts create the same ambiance as the wood-burning fireplace inserts do, plus, they are more convenient, you will only end up appreciating the warmth and mood they are able to create.

Duluth Forge Dual Fuel Ventless

This Duluth Forge dual fuel is the best ventless gas fireplace insert and specially designed to be recessed into the wall or can be treated as a separate mantelpiece. It is an ideal source for providing supplementary heating and a perfect choice which makes a great addition to your living space.


  • Heat output : Upto 26,000 BTUs
  • Heating area : Upto 1,350 sq.ft.
  • Fuel type : Natural gas or propane fuel
  • Vent-free
  • Remote control
  • Battery assisted Piezo ignition
  • Thermal mode

This unit runs on both natural gas and propane fuel and is configured for ventless or ductless operation. It provides heat of up to 26,000 BTUs in an area of up to 1,350 sq.ft. Starting the fire in this insert is very easy and convenient which is possible because of battery-assisted piezo ignition.

The feature of remote control gives you the freedom of operating it from where you are sitting, switching it efficiently from manual mode to thermal mode. There is no need for electricity to operate this insert. It is featured with 5 realistic logs that give an amazing view of dancing flames. If you need extra heat distribution, a blower is also available for this ventless insert which takes an additional amount out of your pocket.

  • Dual Fuel Gas Fireplace
  • Hassle free installation no chimney required
  • Good for heat the average sized room
  • Easy to operate via Remote control
  • Efficient ventless gas fireplace insert
  • Customer may face trouble while contacting the support

Napoleon Grandville VF Series GVF36-2N 37

Get ready for a hassle free experience.

The Napoleon Grandville is very efficient, contemporary, attractive, easy and safe to operate and one of the best fireplace insert available in the market. This insert is a great pick for a gas fireplace that looks amazing and provides warmth to a great extent.


  • Heat output : Upto 30,000 BTUs
  • Ventless
  • Fuel type : Natural gas
  • Ignition without electricity
  • Oxygen depletion sensor
  • Eco-friendly
  • Safety screen and logs included
  • Remote control (optional)

This model is ideal for heating up a larger room with upto 30,000 BTUs. It is safe to use and comes with oxygen depletion sensor which automatically turns the unit off before the oxygen or carbon monoxide levels reaches a dangerous degree.

Thanks to millivolt ignition system, it is easy to start the fire and operate. You can on/off the flame with just flipping a switch. This unit is very versatile as you can adjust the intensity of heat and flame by upto 50 percent so that you can enjoy all types of weather. It features a log set and a safety screen which maintains the distance of your loved ones from the fire. Remote control, louver or trim kits are optional, if you need these and can spend a little more, go for it, it’s worth it!

This outstanding unit is a ready-made option that gives you warmth in extremely cold winters and flames to enjoy the explicit fire.

  • Best Ventless Gas Fireplace Insert by Napoleon
  • Hassle free installation no chimney required
  • Powerless Ignition – No electricity required to fire
  • Oxygen Depletion Sensor
  • Safe and Efficient
  • Top and Bottom Louvers not included.
  • If you want Louvers then you to buy them separately.

ProCom FBNSD400T-ZC Dual Fuel Ventless Gas Fireplace Insert

ProCom heating fireplace insert is a zero clearance insert and a perfect choice for a gas fireplace insert which can be recessed to the wall or if you want to build a custom insert. It is reliable, good looking insert and a great source for providing supplemental heating. It can also be treated as a separate mantelpiece or paired with a cabinet mantel.


  • Heating output : Upto 32,000 BTUs
  • Heating area : Upto 1,500 sq.ft.
  • Battery-assisted piezo ignition
  • Oxygen Depletion Sensor(O.D.S.)
  • Thermostat control
  • Ventless
  • Fuel type : Natural gas or liquid propane
  • Six realistic ceramic fibre logs
  • Safety screen doors

This stylish fireplace is capable of heating upto 1,500 sq.ft. by providing heat of upto 32,000 BTUs. It features six hand-painted logs to provide the most realistic look possible. To maintain your heat setting as per needs, thermostat automatically turns the fireplace on and off, also you can set the variable heat settings accordingly. It features O.D.S for your ultimate safety which turns the unit off whenever the oxygen level decreases.

The screen door prevents your family especially kids and pets from going close to the flames whereas the dual burner produces dancing flames for a stunning experience. It is 99.9% efficient which makes it eco-friendly. Electricity is not required at all, the chimney is not required, hence, it is all but a mess-free unit and takes no time in installation.

Best for those who don’t want a chimney vent or exhaust in their house’s top. Dual fuel makes it more reliable and efficient plus the vent-free for hassle-free installation.

  • Dual Fuel Gas Fireplace
  • Hassle free installation no chimney required
  • Piezo ignition system
  • Easy to operate via Remote control
  • Thermostat compatible
  • Price may not allure everyone

Empire Tahoe Deluxe 36″ Direct-Vent NG Millivolt Fireplace

Create a warm, cosy and relaxing atmosphere in your space with Empire Tahoe Deluxe Fireplace. This unit is worth the investment as it is durable, contemporary and compact in design, easy to use and operate.


  • Heat output : Upto 16,500 BTUs
  • Millivolt control
  • Includes a log set
  • Fuel type : Natural gas or propane
  • Zero clearance

On natural gas, this unit produces heat of upto 14,000 BTUs whereas on liquid propane it can produce heat of upto 16,500 BTUs(approximately). You can easily turn it on or off , as and when needed with the feature of millivolt control. This is a direct vent fireplace which are generally hard to find and this is one of the best from them as its efficiency rate reaches upto 83%. The design of this unit is compact and measures only 16 inches in depth which make it fit for tighter spaces.

For this unit, you need a double wall pipe, co-linear or co-axial installation which goes with the chimney flue to the top of the chimney. If you have an existing fireplace opening, the pipe can also go through that. It does not include brick liner, upgraded louvers, remote control and safety screen and needs an extra amount from your pocket for better customization. This unit is easy to install and for safety reasons a screen door is a necessity.

  • Durable and Safe
  • Can quickly heat the medium size room
  • Easy to operate via Remote control
  • Millivolt Control with Turn ON&OFF Switch
  • You may require the protective screen or doors for safety purposes.
  • This insert may required more double wall pipe depends on your desired vent location.

Belmont Compact Vent-free Natural Gas/Propane Fireplace

For limited space, the perfect choice and solution is Belmont compact vent-free fireplace. It is pleasantly old fashioned, stylish, and compact in design. The beauty of this artfully wood-carved mantel finish fireplace provides a rich aesthetic, warmth, and adds charm to your living space. It is a versatile fireplace and a functional inclusion to your home.


  • Heat output : Upto 20,000 BTUs
  • Heating area : Upto 800 sq.ft.
  • Ventless
  • Fuel type : Natural gas or propane
  • Includes log set, burner, mantel and hearth
  • Oxygen depletion sensor
  • Electronic spark ignition

This Belmont compact fireplace provides an efficient burner system (99.9%) which gives away 20,000 BTUs of heat in an area of upto 800 sq.ft. This traditional looking unit and 4-in-1 design occupies very less space and can be installed in the corner against a flat wall. It is vent-free, only 18 inches deep and provides instant heat to make your room comfortable and cosy. It runs on both natural gas and propane gas which is a plus point and creates plenty of heat as per its size.

With this unit, you can enjoy winter with your family even when there is no electricity and in the end, you will never be able to take your eyes off it.

  • Traditional and Vintage style Gas Fireplace
  • Can work with Propane and Gas as well.
  • Electronic Spark ignition
  • Easy to move to different rooms
  • Easy to operate and maintenance
  • Ready to install in wall or corner places
  • mantle, hearth, firebox, log set, and burner included
  • Cannot Operate through remote control

Sure Heat BRO24NG Heat Burnt River Oak Vented Gas Log Set, 24Inch, Natural Gas

Sure heat burnt river oak log set are amazingly realistic and natural looking logs which provide a beautiful view of flames when lit and adds up to the ambiance of your room. This log set is environment-friendly and functions very simply.


  • Heat output : Upto 60,000 BTUs
  • Highly detailed and hand-painted logs
  • Dual burner, pan, grate and ember bed included.
  • Requires chimney or flue
  • Log size : 24 inches
  • Fuel type : Natural gas

The Burnt River Oak log set produces the most realistic dancing flames, creates the exact look of a mature fire and adds the beauty to your fireplace. It requires an opening through a flue or a chimney. These logs are specially designed to create an illusion to look like real wooden logs and the astounding variations in the flames are provided by the dual u-shaped burners and the glowing ember bed at the base add more charm to the realistic look.

This log set needs to manually light with a match for the flames to get started. The only second-rated thing which has been noted by few people is that, initially, these logs emit an odor but that also goes way after burning it for some time. People who have natural gas fireplace find this set a perfect choice available at an affordable price.

  • Decent amount heat distribution
  • Easy to move to different rooms
  • Easy to use and maintenance
  • Ready to install in exisiting fireplace
  • Eco-friendly log set
  • The gas flow is quite audible.

Comfort Glow GSD2846 Dual Fuel Gas Stove

This Comfort Glow Gas stove is known for its durability, thanks to the heavy duty black steel cabinet construction. This is a vent-free unit which is available at an affordable price. It features attractive and modern styling that makes this unit a perfect fit for flaunting in your living room, whether a modern one or a classic. This stove is the most ideal and economical way to heat up larger spaces.


  • Heat output : Upto 30,000 BTUs
  • Heating area : Upto 1,250 sq.ft.
  • Vent-free
  • Heavy steel construction
  • Built-in thermostat temperature control
  • Includes a log set
  • Fuel type : Natural gas or liquid propane
  • Blower (optional)

This astonishing gas stove nicely warms the area of upto 1,250 sq.ft. by providing heat of upto 30,000 BTUs and runs on both natural gas and liquid propane. This model calls attention to its built-in thermostat temperature control which gives you the freedom to maintain a constant temperature as needed. The large open face design give a great view of flames through the large charred log set and dual yellow flame burner, though the dancing flames are not repetitive. This dual design allows the unit to be installed at any place where a gas line is accessible.

This model is handy. easy to assemble and install and also a great option for warming up your room or any sitting area during intense cold weather.

  • Vent-Free operation
  • Easy to move to different rooms
  • Easy to use and maintenance
  • Built-in Thermostat
  • Can heat large rooms too
  • A little bit fragile. Contact the customer’s support if you found it damaged when delivered.

Monessen Hearth Systems 42″ Artisan Vent Free SCC See-Through Linear Fireplace – NG

Want to add a fireplace which is modern, sleek, contemporary in design and provide sufficient heating, here it is, the Monessen Hearth Artisan vent-free linear fireplace. It can change your outlook towards hearths and enhances the ambiance of your place by linking the interior and exterior with a clean, contemporary look and gorgeously amazing flames. This vent-free fireplace is one of the best picks which heats up your home both efficiently and simply with the sleek look of this linear fireplace and catches your attention for an eye-catching show.


  • Heat output : Upto 37,000 BTUs
  • Heating area : Upto 1,800 sq.ft.
  • Fuel type : Natural gas or liquid propane
  • Dimensions (framing) :
    Height : 32”
    Width : 44”
    Depth : 14”
  • Efficiency : Upto 99.9%
  • Ignition type : Signature command control
  • Ventless
  • Multi-sided
  • Black porcelain panels
  • Glass illumination light system and accent lighting
  • Electronic ignition

This incredible unit provide heat of upto 37,000 BTUs with natural gas and upto 36,000 BTUs with liquid propane efficiently warming up an area of upto 1,800 sq.ft. It features an exclusive heat management system which give you the option to feel cosy with the warmth inside or directing the heat outdoor without breaking a sweat. The fiberglass offers a great alternative to traditional logs and you can choose any from a wide range of colors.

You can enjoy and feel comfortable at the same time with the smart option of the total signature command system. The shimmering fiberglass and accent lighting are its final touches. As there is no chimney or venting required, the installation becomes fast, easy, and affordable.

This Modern gas fireplace insert level up the interior design of your home. The realistic flame effects offer the same experience as electric fireplace inserts but work without electricity so no need to worry about the bills. An affordable option can add charm to your room and entice your guest while making the space cozy and warm.

  • Vent-Free operation
  • Modern gas fireplace insert
  • Easy to use and maintenance
  • Realistic flame effects
  • Can heat large rooms too
  • The price might be hassle for some.

The Buyer’s Guide

Sometimes finding the perfect gas fireplace can be a difficult task as when you buy something like this, it should be worth the investment. Here, in buyer’s guide, we help you to get the basic information and important factors while buying one, such as, efficiency rate, heat output, installation and many more adds to this list. All these factors influence a fireplace’s performance and your experience to a great extent.

Let’s go through all that matters.

What is Gas Fireplace Insert?

A gas fireplace insert, as the name implies, is a pre-made product that is designed to be enclosed in an existing fireplace or standard firebox. It runs on natural gas or liquid propane to produce heat and warming up. The gas fireplaces come in inserts, built-ins and self standing stoves. Inserts are extremely efficient, providing heat between 15,000 BTUs to 40,000 BTUs which nicely warms up a medium sized room.

These are a great source for both primary and supplementary heating. Inserts do not take up any extra space as they are fitted into existing fireplace. There are mainly two types of inserts- with vents or vent-free. The vented inserts require vents, flue or one or two pipes that lead outside. Once the vented insert is installed, there is not much need of maintenance except from cleaning the glass.

The chimney or vents also do not require any cleaning because the gas burns effectively and cleanly. The ventless inserts are also very easy to install and maintain. The logs available for gas inserts are made of ceramic or ceramic fiber which are hand-painted and stacked over the burner to give the amazing view of traditional fire enhanced by glowing ember bed.

The oxygen depletion sensor comes with ventless inserts which turns the unit off when it detects low level of oxygen, also boosts unit’s efficiency. These inserts do not need electricity, though models with blowers or fans need electrical power. There are some units that come with remote control and can run on wall thermostats making your life convenient and easy.

How Does it Work?

Since gas inserts run on gas as fuel, they require access to the source of gas through a line inside the house. These inserts work the same as any other appliance that runs on gas and can be controlled through external means that give you the opportunity to adjust the heat and gas output. The modern gas fireplaces do not produce any smoke or no ashes are formed as in wood-burning fireplaces, but whatever the waste is, it gets out through the tube or pipe in the wall.

The gas fireplaces, whether it is an insert, built-in or self standing stove, features incombustible logs made of ceramic with a realistic look. You can also add ember bed which gives it a more stunning appearance. In the case of gas fireplace insert, you are in-charge of deciding the variations of flame and heat output. These inserts do not only warms up the room where they are placed but also distributes the heat evenly throughout your home, confirming to your comfort and enjoyment. As per cleaning is required, they do not need much, however, once in a month you can check and clean if the dust has formed. These inserts are very easy to install and maintain which make them the most convenient and ideal choice.

Benefits of Using Gas Fireplace in Home

The list of benefits of using a gas fireplace is never ending but we will share the ones which are important. The two major advantages are – they are highly efficient from 75 to 99% and they come in different shapes, sizes and designs so that you can choose the best one as per your needs and wants. They are ideal for zone heating for smaller rooms as bathrooms or bedrooms and larger spaces like living rooms. Other major benefits are:

Heating area

These gas burning fireplaces can heat the rooms of between 800 sq.ft. to 3,000 sq.ft., depending upon which model is installed. They are an ideal choice for heating up smaller and tight spaces to larger areas. These fireplaces are a great source for providing supplementary heating.

Low maintenance

The gas fireplaces do not produce any ash or smoke which means there is less cleaning requires. Though, regular inspections should be considered.

Heat output

Gas fireplaces provide much more warmth as compared to old masonry wood-burning fireplaces. Many of these fireplaces include a built-in blower or you can get it installed otherwise if not included, for the even distribution of heat. Depending upon the model, they can produce up to 40,000 BTUs of heat.


Gas fireplaces are affordable or can say it is typically cheaper and convenient to install them in your home. You can always save almost 25% on your energy bills.

Things to consider while buying

While you are going through all the models of gas fireplace consider these few major features as per your needs – easy installation, cost-effective, environmental friendly, modern automation, convenience, maintenance, and in the end, definitely choose from a wide variety of styles and designs, shapes and sizes. There are models available with direct venting, vent-free and natural venting, decide from these carefully. Some of these models also get mounted to the wall and saves the space.

All these factors are important to consider before buying, once a fireplace installed, it takes to much of work, time and effort to change it, if not satisfied. Look up and find the one that suits you and provide a great aesthetic look to your home.

Summing it up

As every model has its own style, design and dimensions, the first thing you have to do is to find a ideal location or place in your home for it to be installed properly. There are variety of options available for the placement as some can be placed against the wall, mounted to the wall, placed outside or in the middle of the room, choose wisely, especially in case of inserts, dimensions play an important role.

There will be no problem or mess once the unit is properly installed. These fireplaces are easy and safe to use, operate, convenient and provide a hassle free experience. You can enjoy the warmth in harsh winters while sitting on the couch or lying in your bed comfortably with these stunning gas fireplaces.