6 Best Battery Powered Weed Eater- Choose The Best Tool

6 Best Battery Powered Weed Eater- Choose The Best Tool

Read what the experts say about the weed eater and how you can choose the right one.
Read what the experts say about the weed eater and how you can choose the right one.

Discover the best battery powered weed eater: is this what you are thinking of? Then you are at the right place. Choosing the right tool is what serves your purpose. No matter if you are a beginner or a professional, the right knowledge of tools helps you discover one that perfectly matches your needs. Whether you need a string trimmer, weed eater, or other trimmers, battery-powered tools are gaining popularity in the market.

They have successfully replaced the gas-run tools. Running through batteries makes them a more comfortable option than other weed eaters. Looking at the attention, battery-powered weed eaters getting from the users, more manufacturers are attracting to the market. This further results in endless options for users.

Options also bring confusion with them. It is necessary to clear every confusion before you purchase a tool.

This post is an effort to make you aware of how you can decide the best battery-based weed eater for your garden. These battery-operated tools are giving strong competition to gas-run tools and showing excellence in many other ways. Whether you talk about their less weight or sound killing feature, battery-powered tools are best in every way. Considering the fact, cordless battery powered weed eater is the face of the new era, we have suggested the best battery operated weed eater for you. Must consider them if you are planning to buy them.

Apart from this, cordless weed eaters offer ease in transportation. You can easily shift them among multiple spaces. On the other hand, corded weed eaters may lead you to get stuck in their wires. Also, cordless tools do not have a negative influence on the air and your health too. It would be better to have a thorough knowledge of your gardening needs and advanced tools in the market. Here we have listed the best battery-based tools:

List Of Best Battery Powered Weed Eater

So here goes the list of review that you must check before you go to buy.

Makita XRU15PT1 Cordless Weed Eater

Covered in the list of the best cordless weed eaters, Makita XRU15PT1 offers different speed setting options. You may choose between them according to the running need.

This is nothing less than a wonder in the world of the weed eater and highly suitable for heavy jobs. Its durability, speedier charging, larger cutting strength, and stronger working capacity makes it a remarkable piece of equipment for anyone.

It has a larger battery backup compared to other weed eaters, so it can perform tasks for a longer period. Along with this, it can easily trim a whole lot of gardens.

Can you say no if you are getting a tool that takes no time in charging and gives uninterrupted work for longer hours?

Different names are prevailing in the market for weed eaters, such as weed whacker and string trimmer. You may get confused about these names. Every buyer wants to make fair decisions while buying this gardening equipment, which can be an exhausting process for them.

This is enough for us to take you out of this mess. We have put a lot of effort into doing market research, exploring cordless string trimmer reviews, and other helpful buying factors. As a result of that, we have listed the best weed eaters, and one of them is Makita XRU15PT1.

To make it easier for you, we have divided it into various categories such as features, merits, and demerits, etc.

Major Features Of Makita XRU15PT1

  • Offer larger ranger
  • Provide super fast charging
  • Double Battery Power
  • Flexible speed settings

What Are The Merits Of Makita XRU15PT1?

  • Topped the list of customers
  • It can engage for longer hours.
  • It does not affect the air quality in nature and keeps it refreshing for you.
  • It offers great comfort.

What Are The Demerits of Makita XRU15PT1?

  • It weighs heavier than other battery-powered weed eaters.
  • Most of the users have the issue with its bump head. But it is replaceable.

So, keeping its features, merits, and demerits in mind, choose the tool for you.

Husqvarna 520iLX 36V String Trimmer

Husqvarna appealing design and less noise making feature make it the best battery weed trimmer. It has a feature to reduce revolutions per minute for peace lovers and those who love trimming for long. Once you get bored, you can switch back to the full power. Isn’t it a real fun?

Only a few trimmers consist of these kinds of speed settings options like Husqvarna. Along with this, it prevents the grass from getting collected on the trimmer top. You can also select from different battery options. If you do not know about batteries, then choose a standard power battery.

Although you do not need to worry, even if you have chosen the wrong battery, you will get enough battery backup alternatives. This is a strong reason why Husqvarna is admired by a larger customer base.

Peculiarity added to this tool is, it creates noise while running, but it may not be unpleasant to your ears. If you consider its different factors it is the best equipment for a newbie and professional too.

Features That Make it Advance

  • It consists of a 16-inch whack for cutting.
  • It comes with a motor fixed on the top(without brush)
  • It has the feature to reduce cutting speeds that are known as an eco mode.

What Are The Merits Of Husqvarna 520iLX?

  • It has a low vibration feature.
  • Offers flexibility to adjust speed.
  • Comes with an advanced brushless motor.
  • This equipment offers battery alternatives too.
  • It can work for over 30 minutes with a battery size of  5.2Ah.
  • The battery weighs less than 5 kgs.
  • Comfort in handling
  • It comes with a warranty of 3 years(housing need) and 2 years(business use).

What Are The Demerits Of Husqvarna 520iLX?

  • Safety is a concern in this tool.
  • It may be loud for you as per the evaluation.
  • It can be a mess for you to change settings wearing safety gloves.
  • Its pricing can be high for you.

So, if its demerits are not a big issue for you, then this is a powerful tool for you.

DeWALT DCST920B String Trimmer

This best battery powered weed eater is somewhat similar to Worx. Usually, it comes with an additional battery. So you do not need to waste time purchasing it from the shop. Which weed eater you will finalize depends on your purpose. If you want to trim the corners of your garden, walkway, and entrance, then this is a perfect option for you. It will give you excellent finishing.

Availability in different weight ranges is the factor making it draw attention from more buyers.  Trimmers for average to heavy-duty jobs weigh 4.5 kgs. On the other hand, for small tasks trimmer may weigh up to 3 kgs.  Since we have opportunities to manage our weight, it becomes convenient for all age groups.

Almost every DeWALT tool runs through a 20v battery. So, in case of a shortage, you can use a battery of other tools. Isn’t it so special?

There are times when you need to clear up an excessively grown portion to reach the exact work location. So it ensures convenience in every way. Its ability to fold makes it an excellent weed eater for any situation. When it comes to space it takes, it is the most feasible battery-powered tool. It becomes suitable to use with all other tools as it takes just a 20V battery. Its Quick load Spooling feature offers speedier reloading of cutting lines.

Apart from this, it is our common understanding that every coin has two faces. One can be a winning side, and the other can be a losing one. These words apply to DeWalt DCST920B as well. You may not find it powerful enough as it runs on a 20V powered battery.

It may perform less in comparison to other tools.  Users may reject this for this reason. On the other hand, if you look at its advantages, it is a magic tool for professionals, self doers, or people who need to perform heavy garden trimming tasks. Apart from this, for cleaning a small area, it is an asset because it is foldable.

Unique Features of DeWALT DCST920B

  • It is a top name in the world of powered tools.
  • Well designed, powerful, and light-weighted
  • It has a cutting swath of 13-inch.
  • Comes with an excellent warranty period of 3 years.
  • Manufacturers offer this product with a brushless motor fixed on the top side.
  • It also consists of a dual-speed control setting.

What Are The Merits of DeWALT DCST920B?

  • It is well designed, and the flexibility to fold makes it a gem.
  • Its battery is highly convenient and can be used with other gardening tools as well.
  • It can make revolutions per minute up to 6000.
  • It weighs less than 5 kgs.
  • You also get a warranty of 3 years.

What Are The Demerits Of DeWALT DCST920B?

  • Its cutting string length can be less for your needs.
  • It may not run smoothly as compared to other tools.
  • It could be difficult for you to balance it because of the design of its top.
  • It can cut in diameter by 0.080 inches.

Greenworks Pro 60V Cordless Weed Eater

Greenworks Pro is a 60V best battery weed trimmer to be used at home. It offers an excellent task fulfillment by decreasing pressure on the hand and creating less noise. Along with this, when it comes to weight and ability to cut, it is a remarkable tool than other household equipment.

A user-friendly trimmer head(Load and Go) makes this tool high competition for other equipment.  Set its line in the center and turn its top to let it move freely. It is an easier process than manually setting it in line. Also, you will get a user manual to squeeze every benefit from it.

Let us consider its important features, advantages, and disadvantages.

Different Features It Offers:

  • It comes with a brushless motor fixed ahead in it.
  • It consists of a 16-inch cutting whack.
  • Dual speed control settings
  • Well designed

What Are The Merits of Greenworks Pro 60V?

  • It creates less vibration, which makes it pleasant for you.
  • The cutting swath length is 16 inches.
  • Reloading and recharging are user friendly because of the Load and Go weed eater head.
  • You also get a great 4-year warranty on the product.
  • It is tested for low sound-making equipment.
  • It is the right mix of lightweight and balancing.
  • It can make 5500 revolutions per minute.
  • It takes only 60V of battery power.

What Are The Demerits Of Greenworks Pro 60V?

  • You may discover its battery space uncomfortable for your hands. It touches the hand when you start cutting.
  • It does not come in 0.095-inch trimmer line

Worx WG 184 Best Battery Powered Weed Eater

The Worx WG 184 is the best cordless weed eater, which is recommended for a medium job. If you want to buy a weed eater for an average job, this is the best option. It comes with a dual battery, large voltage, and speedier charging system, etc. It offers you long-lasting cutting performance and takes very little time for charging.

If you match its battery capacity with the best weed eater equipment, you may find it less. Also, you may perform a job for half an hour to 45 minutes before you charge it. This will be enough to trim a normal garden space.

We have mentioned lightweight trimmers for small space trimming as well. They may fall under 3 kgs. So, if you do not need to perform a heavy job and do not have requirements of longer width then those trimmers are best for you. You may also get them for a reasonable price.

Also if your need is not so big, you can buy light equipment.  It will be pocket friendly too.

What Are The Unique Features Of Worx WG 184?

  • It is a highly rated product.
  • It offers Speedier and smoother trimming.
  • It comes with a high power feature.
  • Manufacturers offer dual batteries with the product, which ultimately doubles its life.
  • Also, it comes with 3 years of warranty.
  • It can make 7500 revolutions per minute.

What Are The Merits Of Worx WG 184?

  • It offers a double battery of 20V, which ultimately makes it 40V.
  • It offers a  13-inch cutting swath.
  • It comes with an excellent warranty of 3 years
  • Its weight is less than 10 pounds, makes it highly suitable for professionals and beginners too.
  • It also comes with a safety cover.
  • Best product for homeowners.
  • It takes less time to charge.

What Are The Demerits Of Worx WG 184?

  • It does come with a 0.095-inch trimmer line.
  • It is not suitable for heavy jobs.

EGO Power+ 15-inch String Trimmer with PowerLoad

The EGO Power+ is the best battery-powered weed eater that consists of a 15-inch cutting swath. It is more robust than any other trimmer available in the market. It has a carbon-fiber shaft, which is enough to make it lightweight. This does not mean it is easily breakable. It has the power to stand strong against a hit. It is a valuable product for weed cutting.

It comes with an excellent power load head that makes it wonderful for weed trimming. Keep your weed eater in the center and run through the line. Let it move in every direction, and you are done. It is flexible equipment and one of the best also that makes it user friendly.  Not only this, it creates a little sound which makes your task peaceful. So, all its advanced features and other qualities made it eligible to include in our best-reviewed weed eaters.

Here are some major features, benefits, and drawbacks of this battery-powered weed eater:

Major Features of Ego Power+:

  • It comes with a brushless motor installed on its top.
  • An excellent cutting swath of 15 inches

What Are The Merits Of EGO Power+?

  • It comes with a powerful brushless motor.
  • It offers a power load head for super trimming.
  • A carbon fiber shaft is used to make it lightweight.
  • It is well-tested equipment for low sound-making equipment.
  • Generate less vibration
  • It also offers a battery option in a backpack, which requires an adapter to use.
  • It comes with the highest warranty of 5 years with the shaft included in it.
  • It runs on 56V battery power.
  • It comes in a 0.095-inch trimmers line.
  • It weighs less than 10 pounds that makes it very handy.
  • It can make up to 5600 revolutions per minute.

What Are The Demerits of EGO Power+?

  • It can be higher in cost than many other household battery powered weed cutters.
  • Its handle may not be large enough to use comfortably.
  • It comes with fixed speed options and does not offer a speed setting as per your choice.

How to Buy The Best Battery Powered Weed Eater?- Easy Guide

Although we have suggested the best battery-powered weed eater as per our opinion, you may look for other options too. Our motto is to help you in making fair decisions. To come to the right decision, it is necessary to take into consideration some important points. You may not have an idea of those points. Here we have covered a detailed guide to making you aware of all the important points:

Vibration Strength

Vibration is the most important point while buying a battery-powered weed eater. For so long, it has done advancement in many ways. As a result of which most of the weed trimmer comes with low vibration features. This was not possible with the previous generation cordless string trimmer. Now users are getting aware and showing more interest in low vibration string trimmers.

So, it is important to test the weed eater before you make the final purchase. Observe how much pressure and vibration you feel when switching it on. If it is comfortable, then go ahead. Otherwise, look for other options. Purchasing the right tool ensures smoother trimming of the yard.


One should keep their budget in mind while buying a battery operated weed eater. It has made huge advancements for so long. Earlier weed eaters were available in gas run form only, but now battery-run equipment is taking over the market. It saves the cost as it finishes the need for fuel or gas. Also, it does not require as much maintenance. So look at the comfort and affordability a battery weed eater demands and take the wise decision.

We have suggested to you the equipment that offers excellent performance and falls in the affordable range. Cost may differ depending on what purpose you are using. If you are using it as a homeowner, then it may cost you less. On the other hand, if you want to purchase it for commercial purposes, it can be a little more expensive.

So, it is recommended that you buy more than one piece of equipment at once. Sellers may give you concession over them rather than purchasing only one piece of equipment. Also, it saves your time and cost in the future as it would be selling at a higher rate.

Choose Right Voltage Battery

Choosing the right voltage battery for your trimming need is extremely important. If you have to clean up a larger landscape, then choosing a low voltage battery will hinder your project. Similarly, buying a large voltage battery for trimming a small space is completely a waste of money. So more voltage offers more power. First, determine your exact need and voltage that can fulfill your purpose.

Warranty Period It Offers

The warranty period is proof that the manufacturer is selling you a quality product. This is protection through which sellers give you an option to replace the item under the warranty period. Most people do not give more importance to the warranty period but this is a relevant point to consider.

Most weed eater manufacturers offer 3 years warranty from the date of purchase. If the product faces any kind of trouble covered under warranty, the seller checks the possible cause. If it Will not be the customer’s fault, the seller replaces it or returns the money to you. Warranty mostly covers the product for at least 3 years and battery for one year. Once the warranty period ends, then the seller gets relief from the liability.

So keep a record of warranty on the product you are using and use it when you feel any kind of trouble with the product. Most people ignore the fact that a warranty is an important thing for them. Most often, they forget to keep the warranty paper that comes with the string trimmer. You may not believe it or realize its importance until you will purchase a warranty covered product.  So it is highly advisable to buy only warranty covered products that fall in your budget too.

Is It Lightweight or Heavy?

Weed eaters come in various weight ranges, such as lightweight and heavy. Most of the latest design battery operated weed eaters come under 5 kgs. You may find some lightweight options at the cheapest rate.  The weight does not define the functioning of the tool, but it can be exhausting for you to use heavy trimmers for long hours. It is ok to buy any weight weed eater as most of the highly-rated trimmers weigh high. It completely depends on how much weight you can balance easily. So choose the right balance of weight and finishing your trimmer offers.

Properly Check its Line Diameter

You must not know the accurate line diameter that will be perfect for your work. So it is better to know it first. If you are buying a weed trimmer for your house garden, then 0.080-inch line diameter trimmers are best for you.  If you have to trim a huge space, consider professional use trimmers of 0.095-inch line diameter.  It can have a better grip over weeds and remove the impossible grasses easily. So first consider your garden area if it is small or big. According to that, choose the perfect line diameter trimmers.

Consider the Cutting Swath

Cutting swath matters a lot for better trimming. If you are buying a trimmer for a home garden, then it is ok to use trimmers with cutting swaths of 13 inches or above. For commercial purposes, 15 inches or more cutting swath is recommended. Large capacity weed eaters can easily trim a large area and face any hurdle. Also, it offers some other ease like comfortable cleaning.

Run Time it Offers and Time Takes to Charge.

Every effort will be a waste if your battery-operated weed eater run time and charging time is not appropriate. Run time refers to the performance hours of your tool. Choose that trimmer that offers you maximum run time and less charging time. There will be no use if its charging time is more and running time is less. So I must consider this point.

Use Right Combo of Tool and Battery

Generally, we wish for a battery that can be compatible with all gardening battery-operated equipment. Only the best battery operated weed trimmer can fulfill this wish. Whenever you plan to buy a trimmer, check if its battery is suitable for your other tools too. It is possible that you may be purchasing a single piece of equipment at present and may purchase others in the future. So it is the right decision to save cost and time. This is because it removes the need to purchase separate batteries for other equipment. Also, every product consumes more than one battery, so it is an interesting deal for you. Choose the right battery compatible with most of your equipment.

Which Design is More Suitable?

Most of the best battery powered weed eaters come in two different designs that cover Straight shaft or curved shaft. Both of them have their pros and cons. So it is necessary to consider their functionalities and your needs.

Straight-shaft weed eaters are comparatively well built, cover more areas, comfortable and flexible to use for any purpose. On the other hand, curved shaft weed eaters usually come with a lightweight, low sound feature, more vibration, and limited reach.

It is important to observe that curved shafts are on the verge of extinction against straight shaft trimmers. You can easily note this fact in the above trimmers.

This list is not limited to these points; it also includes battery type and battery size. You can not choose the right battery until you do not know what type of battery you need and what size will be perfect for your requirement. The four main types of batteries include Lithium-Ion, Nickel Metal Hydride, Nickel Cadmium, and Lead Acid, etc. Among these batteries, the Lithium-ion battery is very famous for supplying more power in a smaller area. Others are used in photography, small day to activities, and vehicles simultaneously. Apart from this, you can calculate battery size in ampere-hours(aH). Maximum battery size allows maximum flow of power and results in long-lasting performance.


We have suggested top rated battery powered weed trimmers best of our knowledge. Also, we have discussed important points to consider while buying it. So you might have understood that you have to check many things before you buy a tool specific to your needs. This guide will save your time and cost to search for how to get the best product. Every string trimmer we have mentioned is best in some or other. MakitaXR15PT1 gives a tough competition. It is highly rated by users in terms of cost, weight, cutting swath, design, price, and other important factors. Some of you may have good knowledge, but many of them know few factors. Through this post, we made the best efforts to help you in making a fair decision. You may have a different opinion than us. So, you can look for other options on the web. Whether it is us or you- does not matter. Our sole purpose is to make you buy the right product.

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